Prosecco Zero White non-alcoholic Spumante

Prosecco Zero White non-alcoholic Spumante

Sparkling wine, 75 cl, Veneto, Italy, Soft drink, Bottega / Alexander
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Sparkling wine
Beautiful must aroma accompanied by fresh, fruity and floral notes. The palate is sweet, delicate and balanced, with a harmonious freshness.
Ideal at any time of day. Excellent for cocktails, with desserts such as biscuits, tarts and dried fruit. But it also goes well with Sunday brunch.
Sparkling Zero White Bottega is a non-alcoholic drink made from grape must, which continues the great tradition of sparkling wines. Freshness, liveliness and charm come to the fore thanks to the clever dosage of co2, despite the zero alcohol content. A non-alcoholic alternative for all those who do not consume alcohol but still do not want to give up the taste.
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75 cl
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Distilleria Bottega was founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, a master distiller with over 30 years of professional experience in making grappa. Since his passing in 1983, his son Sandro, with siblings Barbara and Stefano, has been responsible for the management. In 1992, the brand 'Il Vino dei Poeti' was launched. This made it possible to open up new markets. Just three years later, the successful revival of Fragolino, a drink with a long tradition, was achieved. Today, Distilleria Bottega is known for its fine and noble products in beautiful presentation. The bottles made of mouth-blown glass were specially designed by Sandro Bottega and are now offered under the term 'Art in Grappa'.