Thinking in generations

Vergani reduces and compensates retroactively to 1.1.2021 the complete greenhouse gas footprint, so that you can enjoy all wines climate neutral.



An important part of the Vergani culture is defined by thinking in generations. As a family business, we only want to succeed if we do not do so at the expense of resources, which are the foundation of our work.

Wine is a natural product that is exposed to climate change with full force. The rise in temperature and the fluctuations in the weather pose immense challenges for our producers.

Even if Vergani is only a small piece of the puzzle in this topic, as a pioneer in the wine trade we would still like to show our colours. As a company, as a family, as people.


Vergani family



"We are very pleased that Vergani has decided to offset the entire greenhouse gas emissions together with myclimate. In doing so, they are taking on a pioneering role in the wine trade."

Christian Lehmann, Project Manager myclimate


Illustration: Alec Doherty | Source: Edizione Vergani 12