Wines from Vergani want to awaken emotions and love of life. How to anchor these feelings in life is shown by the guided journals Light Up! Thanks to predefined tasks, the focus is placed on the positive events of the day.

Discover our joint gift sets:

LIGHT UP! set pink

LIGHT UP! journal pink and Prosecco Anima Rosé

63.00 CHF Incl. VAT. plus shipping

LIGHT UP! set red

LIGHT UP! journal red and prosecco gold

69.00 CHF Incl. VAT. plus shipping

LIGHT UP! set bordeaux

LIGHT UP! journal bordeaux and Metodo Classico Garda Rosé

74.00 CHF Incl. VAT. plus shipping

The climate neutrally produced journals are available in various colors. The linen covers with gold engraved book titles are made in Switzerland. The journal consists of a total of 150 pages, printed on Blue Angel paper.

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