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In the past it was easier, they called the grape and the area and the wine simply Prosecco. But with the decree of the Italian Minister of Agriculture of July 17th 2009 this is over, Prosecco is exclusively a designation of origin and the grape variety is called Glera. And that's that! This did not inspire the grape variety researchers, as Glera is used to designate various types of wine from the province of Trieste. But the ordeal of the producers in the hilly area around Valdobbiadene and Conegliano was so long and hard that something had to be done. For years, mass wines from all kinds of grape varieties and regions flooded the markets under the name of Prosecco and did lasting damage to the reputation of these palatable sparkling wines. This is now history, the name Prosecco refers exclusively to the DOC sparkling wines produced in the picturesque hilly landscape, the wines consist of at least 85 percent Glera grapes and glass bottles are obligatory! Nothing more with ugly can fillings and junk goods. At least that's what the plan behind it looks like and the hope for an improvement is great. At home is the white grape variety Glera in north-east Italy, in the province of Treviso. It ripens late, with golden yellow berries of medium size. The grapes produce a light straw-yellow to golden yellow wine with a slightly nutty taste, rich in tannins and with a subtle bitter note in the aftertaste. The fine fruity wines are ideal for a second fermentation and give the wine structure. By the way: The name has little to do with the Italian "secco" (dry), it comes from a place name. Although Prosecco is also often produced dry, there are also many semi-sweet or sweet varieties.

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