Which dishes go with which wines? The seasonal menu suggestions are presented to you in collaboration with Marmite magazine. Buon appetito e salute!

Recipe to go with the Gaiacca from Le Sorgenti

Beef tagliata with baked potatoes

Recipe to match the Marzieno from Zerbina

Tagliatelle Al Ragù Bolognese

It takes about 45 minutes to prepare and is meant for four people. This strong dish calls for a strong wine like Marzieno. The toasted aromas created by ageing in barrique combine beautifully with those of the beef tagliata. The pleasant fruit and elegant spiciness of the wine add the finishing touches to this combination.

Recipe suitable for the Lugana Brut from Olivini

Les oeufs modestes

The positive effect of the refreshing effect of the Spumante harmonizes especially with flavor-intensive dishes such as asparagus and eggs. The Lugana Brut copes excellently with vegetative flavours as well as with fat and starch.

Recipe suitable for the Sustinet of Conti di San Bonifacio

Roasted lamb chops with rosemary potatoes and beans

The red wine "Sustinet" from Conti di San Bonifacio comes from the Maremma in Tuscany. A pure Syrah, which was stored 12 months in the barrique and afterwards 12 months in the bottle. The wine is spicy, strong and goes excellently with such dishes.

Recipe suitable for Is Arenas from Sardus Pater

Pork chop in the piece of the noble pig with young garlic and laurel

The preparation takes about 50 minutes and is intended for four people. The pork chop is spicy, juicy and elegant. The red wine "Is Arenas" recommends itself from the taste profile to it optimally as a companion. Pork is simply part of the Sardinian food culture. The glass of red wine, filled with a local growth, of course, too.

The recipe to go with the Prosecco DOC from L'Anima di Vergani

Fried turbot fillet under onion-rice crust

The preparation takes about 50 minutes and is intended for four people. The gentle perlage, the pleasant fruit and the supporting acidity of the sparkling wine harmonize perfectly with the food. Once again, Prosecco proves to be an excellent food companion, by the way also with local freshwater fish.

The recipe to go with the chaos of Le Terrazze

Entrecote cafe de Paris with pommes allumettes

The preparation takes about 30 minutes and is intended for four people. Powerful and intense: this combination of wine and food creates a perfect harmony for our palate. The only "chaos" is in the name of the wine...

Fillet of venison with walnut-honey crust

The preparation takes about 30 minutes and is intended for four people. A Pinot Noir from the region is best recommended with the slightly sweet and spicy fillet of saddle of venison. The aging in barrique gives it the necessary strength, the pleasantly supporting acidity combines wonderfully with the tender meat.

Lamb carée with tree nut crust

The preparation takes about 45 minutes and is intended for four people. The intense lamb absolutely needs a wine that does not drown. Toscana igt with its fruity-spicy power and velvety tannins is ideal for this.