Vecchia 8 annates

Vecchia 8 annates

Grappa, 70cl, Veneto, Italy, Grappa (prosecco), Andrea da ponte
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Taste profile
Grape varieties
Clear golden yellow; bouquet with floral nuances; on the palate mild and soft, sophisticated and noble. The aftertaste brings oak, liquorice and fine tobacco to finish with vanilla and floral sensations.
Selected from the 8 best vintages of Grappa di Prosecco, matured in Limousin oak barrels After strict selection, the marc is distilled in a discontinuous still in a water bath according to the exclusive Da Ponte process, in order to capture the aromatic components in the distillate in the purest possible form.
42 %
70 cl
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Matteo Da Ponte had already published a book entitled "DISTILLAZIONE" in 1896. In this book, the stills and distillation columns patented by him for the condensation of alcoholic vapours and for the refinement of a natural, but raw and rough distillate with a rough taste were described and illustrated for the first time. The "Da-Ponte" process has the advantage of capturing and preserving the most important aromatic components of the grape aroma, i.e. the most delicate and volatile, in the distillate. This precise separation of the pre- and post-distillation phases results in the best that nature has to offer: naturalness, purity and gustatory finesse. For over thirty years Andrea da Ponte has been distilling with renewable energy sources and in harmony with nature.

Andrea da ponte