Wine seminars


At the moment no wine seminars possible.

We regret that currently no more seminars can be held. This concerns both the classic seminars and seminars for closed groups. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will offer the seminars again as soon as circumstances allow.


Many thanks for your understanding.


For further information, please send an e-mail to


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Segreto del Gusto 1

Do you know that feeling of helplessness when you stand in front of an oversized wine rack? Or when you read the page-long wine list in a restaurant and can't make up your mind? In these moments you often let yourself be guided unconsciously by labels, melodious names or price. In order to remedy this feeling, we developed a wine seminar that appeals to different senses and reveals the "secret" of your own taste preferences. The wine seminar is intended to be a starting point for future wine enjoyment. Wines typical of the variety and region will be tasted, which have their own taste profile. These first tasting experiences make it possible, even as a "beginner", to buy a wine independently, where not only the label is appealing.

The wine seminar costs Fr. 70.00 per person (payment in advance) and lasts from 18:30 to 21:00.


Segreto del Gusto 2

The continuation of our wine seminar "segreto del gusto 1". Accompany us in our vaulted cellar on a journey through the most famous wine regions of Italy and learn about the most important differences of the respective wines and their areas. You will discover and deepen your own taste of wine and know from your own experience whether you prefer Barolo, Brunello or Amarone. Guided tasting of approx. 8 top wines Knowledge about wine geography and wine law (meaning for the consumer) Introduction to the right combination of wine and food Of course, wine lovers who have not attended our first seminar are also welcome.

The wine seminar 2 costs Fr. 120.00 per person (payment in advance) and lasts from 18:30 to 21:00.

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