It's no secret that Piedmont is one of the great wine-growing regions, with stars like Barolo making it the talk of the town. But Piedmont also offers plenty of scope for discovery, a kind of treasure hunt. One such wine treasure is the Roero wine-growing region. Adjacent to the famous Barbaresco and Barolo, the river Tanaro forms the borderline to the Roero region. Arneis, a wonderfully fresh white wine, is produced here. In the Piedmontese dialect, Arneis means rebellious, a temperamental personality that is not always easy to manage. This seems to suit the autochthonous grape variety. In the 1970s, it had almost completely disappeared from the scene. Unfolding its secrets required patience and also rigor, which not many could manage at the time. With the rise of its neighbor Barolo, ambition also grew on this side of the river and Arneis was revived. It has had DOC status since 1985 and DOCG status since 2004, but only a maximum of 5% of other Piedmontese white grape varieties are permitted alongside the Arneis variety. When it is well cared for, it develops a lot of varietal character, it is an intense freshness with beautiful minerality, balanced in the mouth and elegant, fine fruit with notes of pear and peach. A round, fresh wine with restrained acidity and a light structure. We guarantee: It is only rebellious during puberty, when growing up. Once it has been tamed in the bottle, it almost makes its fans coo. For a Notte Italiana with light enjoyment: we think it goes perfectly with a Vitello Tonnato!

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Camestri Roero Arneis DOC Marco Porello 75cl
White wine, 75 cl, Italy
Marco Porello 16.00 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping
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