Saturday, October 19, 2024, Kaufleuten Club
15.00 - 19.00
From 17.00 with live sound by DJ Carol Fernandez

Admission from 18 years


Mamma mia, the legendary Vergani-Degu-Happening is now in its fourth round. This time, too, there will be tasting, eating and celebrating. That goes without saying. Hand in hand, wines and vibes alternate in the two-storey club area of Kaufleuten, celebrating good taste, above all, of course, with the most inspiring Italian wines that the Vergani range has to offer. 3 bars, 30 wines and around 600 Amici make this discovery-rich tasting an extraordinary experience. The culinary experience is rounded off with Italian specialties from the Osteria Santo Bevitore.

A la prossima!


Can't wait until Saturday, October 19, 2024? Tra noi... Neither can we! That's why we've created a playlist. To shorten the waiting time, so to speak:




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