Shh... Can you keep a secret?

"Segreto", Italian for secret, is an exclusive offer that describes the wine without revealing it. Until you receive your wine, you will not know what it is...

Every month a new red wine secret awaits you, where you can save up to 150.00 CHF per box.




Aktuelles Segreto: Internationales Flair mit friulanischer Bodenständigkeit

Eine Melange aus der internationalen Traubensorte Merlot und der friulanischen Ursorte Refosco. Ein toller Rotwein mit elegantem und fruchtigem Bouquet von Brombeeren und Kirschen. Zudem Balsamico und Tabak-Nuancen. Am Gaumen angenehm, weich, mit einer eleganten Frische und einem langen Abgang.

6 bottles of Segreto

Segreto, 75cl
Sonderangebot 168.00 CHF Normalpreis 213.00 CHF Inkl. MwSt.. zzgl. Versand


Sie sparen pro Karton CHF 45.00   |   Limitiert - maximal 1 Karton pro Person verfügbar





Price advantage

Thanks to our purchasing volume and our
connection with the producers save
you up to 150.00 CHF per box.


Guarantee of enjoyment

30 days right of return on unopened wines.



You trust in our competence and experience.
We give you unforgettable wine experiences.









Segreto subscription with price advantage

month or 3 months rhythm. You decide.

Secure your Segreto. Have your Segreto delivered to your home once a month or once every three months and on account. You also benefit from a CHF 10.00 subscription price advantage per Segreto. You can cancel the subscription at any time for the next month (minimum term: three deliveries).

The same applies to subscriptions: you can return unopened wine bottles to us at any time and receive a voucher or refund. 

The price per Segreto bottle varies between 19 and 45 francs.


Per Segreto CHF 10.00 subscription price advantage | you save up to CHF 150 per box


Segreto subscription every 3 months

including 10.00 CHF subscription Price advantage
0.00 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping

Segreto subscription monthly

including 10.00 CHF subscription Price advantage
0.00 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping


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