as above 131-year-old familyrtake Vergani is one of the leading Swiss direct importers of Italian wines and grappas.






Wine connoisseurs will find real gems and excellent advice in the wine shop and grapperia run by the fifth generation. Whether in Kreis 3 or at Löwenplatz. With the highest quality standards and the proverbial anima - the soul of a good wine - the Vergani's and their employees maintain close relationships with the most important producers in Italy. 

The company supplies a wide range of customers in the hospitality industry and offers private wine lovers the opportunity to embark on a personalized online journey of discovery for fine wines. Wine seminars and tasting events at Löwenplatz complete the offer.


"The innovation of today is the tradition of tomorrow. Our family has lived by this credo for 5 generations."

Flavia, Luca and Gianni Vergani, 5th generation 


Vergani: 1892 until today 


1892: The first step
In the 80s of the century before last - when the whole of Italy was looking for work - Carlo Vergani from Cisano-Bergamo set out on a journey. He opened, with the active support of his wife Adele, a Comestibles store with Italian specialties at the current company headquarters in Zurich Wiedikon. 

1915 - 1920: In the spirit of the founding years
The son Giovanni Vergani founded a wine import company with winery, in which his children Carlo and Vera joined in 1950.


1950: A milestone in the history of Vergani
Under our Nonno Carlo Vergani, the Vergani House experiences a very decisive phase. Kindness and correctness, straightforwardness and perseverance characterize his personality. These attributes make many important producers his friends during his life.



1975 - 1982: The first Grapperia in Switzerland
Nadia, Leila and Reto Vergani are the representatives of the 4th generation. Reto Vergani, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, maintains active contact with producers and customers. Thanks to his passion for grappa and the constant search for undiscovered wine treasures, we can open the first Grapperia in Switzerland.

2008: The 5th generation enters the business scene
With Luca, dipl. Wine technologist, Flavia, B.A. Communication and Accounting, and Gianni Vergani, B.A. HSG and M.A. Bocconi, the new 5th generation is introduced to the company. They are intended to further cultivate partnerships with our producers and customers.

2020: New large warehouse in Stallikon
After several years of planning, the new external warehouse with over a thousand pallet spaces is completed in Stallikon. 



2021: Sustainability
Vergani has obtained organic and Demeter certification and is committed to winemakers who practice sustainable viticulture. In addition, the company has reduced and offset its total CO2 footprint retroactively to January 1, 2021, in order to offer its customers a climate-conscious enjoyment experience.



2022: Grazie per 130 anni
Thanks in part to you, our family business was able to celebrate its 130th anniversary

2023: Opening of the concept store at Löwenplatz
Vergani opens the first concept store for Italian wines, combining experience, design and amore. Wine shop, wine bar, wine training courses and wine events: all under one roof. A place of encounter. For existing and new customers. La Grande Bellezza.


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