Next Vino e Pane: Friday, June 7, 2024
A little wine from big bottles, a lot of joie de vivre and music, the best food, different kinds of bread, long tables, Amici e la Famiglia.
Our story began in Zurigo over 130 years ago. Carlo and Adele Vergani, immigrants from Italy, imported spices and wine in barrels from their homeland. Since then, four more generations have been energetically at work, always with new, good ideas, and have continued what is called a success story. We celebrate this history every year.
Namely at the Vino-e-Pane Festival. With 1500 Amici, inspiring Vini, delicious food, sunglasses, in a hustle and bustle, as you usually know it from Rome. Perfect Italianità, in the middle of Zurigo. Where footballers, old, young, cooks, sommeliers, wine lovers, gastro kings and garage owners meet, there are also i vini e la famiglia Vergani.


Next Vino e Pane Festival

Friday, June 7, 2024

17.00 - 21.00

Zentralstrasse 141, 8003 Zurich


Our festival is free for all amici. You don't need a reservation, no tickets. But a few tokens, which you can buy on site, would not be bad. On the festival site they serve as a means of payment.

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Enjoy once again the beautiful impressions of our Vino e Pane festivals: