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"Today's innovation is tomorrow's tradition". Our family has been living by this credo for 5 generations. With our "Linea Verde", we would like to promote winegrowers from Italy who are consciously committed to sustainable winegrowing. sustainable winegrowing.


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The name of the label comes from the ancient Greek goddess of the fertility of the earth, the grain, the seed and the seasons. "Demeter" was the first ever organic label in the world. The core product of this label is biodynamic agriculture. But what does biodynamic mean? This form of agriculture is always about strengthening the whole. Soil, plant, animal and human are seen as part of a great cycle in which all depend on each other and support each other. Chemical and mineral fertilisers are not used, but only manure etc. is used. When sowing and harvesting, attention is paid to the phases of the moon, and to combat aphids, for example, they breed their own ladybird colony - the aphids' natural enemy. The aim of the Demeter movement is to create something with nature instead of exploiting it, destroying it and leaving it barren.


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Franciacorta DOCG Brut Nature Demeter 1701 75cl

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"A living soil has a multitude of micro-organisms and living organisms. Protecting and preserving it is the core element of biodynamic farming."

Marcel Gabriel, Lecturer in Oenology, Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne


Organic focuses on holistic land management that is viable over generations and produces authentic and healthy products that offer taste and enjoyment. In addition to preserving the soil, the aim is to achieve a high level of biodiversity. Chemical fertilisers are also taboo for the organic label. However, mineral fertilisers may be used to a certain extent. The regulations are not quite as strict as those for the Demeter label. However, the preservation and long-term management of a healthy natural environment is also a priority for organic labels.

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"A sustainable and energy-efficient production method is important to us. We collect rainwater, produce alternative energy and have an energy-optimised production process."

Ulrich Ziegler, Organic Wine Producer, Colline di Sopra


Whether vegan, vegetarian or meat eater: hardly anyone can imagine that animal products are used in wine. But anyone who looks at wine production in detail quickly realises that animal proteins have been used in the clarification process of wines for centuries. The most commonly used protein is egg white. Less frequently, protein from fish bladders, gelatine or casein obtained from skimmed milk are also used. In vegan wines, such proteins are not used for fining and instead pea proteins or other proteins of plant origin as well as mineral earth are used. It is important to mention that fining is a purely physical process and that no traces of protein remain in the wine afterwards. Whether of animal or plant origin.

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"The Linea Verde is a project close to our hearts. Sustainability and the corresponding certificates are one thing. It is equally important to us that the wines fit perfectly into the Vergani world with their aesthetics and their quality in relation to the price."

Vergani family


Illustration: Alec Doherty | Source: Edizione Vergani 12