"In Basilicata, one of the most interesting off-the-beaten-path grapevarieties thrives. " Vergani family

Basilicata forms the instep of the Italian boot deep in the south. The stony, wild and often inaccessible soil challenges the winemakers of the red wine region. They press with great dedication the Aglianico grape, which is rich in facets. The vines grow on the slopes of the long-extinct Monte Vulture volcano and are so aromatic that they are praised as the "Barolo of the South." Basilicata grows wine with plenty of power, abundant tannin, intense bouquet and elegant body. Our favorites come from the Paternoster winery, whose operators select only the best grapes, strictly monitor fermentation and produce no more than 150,000 bottles per year.

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Don Anselmo Aglianico del Vulture DOC Paternoster
Red wine, 75 cl, Italy
Paternoster 48.50 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping
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