Château de Praz

The Château de Praz was built in 1521 by Dorothée Velga and her husband Jean-Rodolphe von Erlach to house a new wine press. Since 1905, Château de Praz has been owned exclusively by the Chervet family. Since 1 April 2011, Marylène Bovard-Chervet and her husband Louis Bovard have taken over the family business Château de Praz ( 12 ha ) from her parents Christine and François Chervet in the 5th generation. The two met during their joint studies of oenology at the University of Applied Sciences in Changins. At the Château de Praz, Marylène Bovard-Chervet is the oenologist who creates the wine and Louis Bovard is the winemaker who looks after the vines.

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