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In the hills of Molise, on the border with Abruzzo, on a hill from which you can see the sea and the nearby islands, stand the vineyards of the Cipressi family. In the thirties, grandfather Antonio began to produce wine from Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Tintilia grapes. Today the tradition is carried on in the third generation. Great attention and energy is devoted to the cultivation of vines, the planting of new vineyards and the constant improvement of quality. Over the years, Nicolino's father became increasingly involved in the use of the autochthonous grape variety of Molise: the Tintilia. The Cipressi family is now the largest producer of this rare variety, which covers only 3% of the regional grape varieties.

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Molise rosso DOP, 75 clCipressi
Cipressi 19.90 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping
Tintilia Molise DOP, 75 clCipressi
Cipressi 25.50 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping
Tintilia 66
Molise DOC, 75 clCipressi
Cipressi 48.00 CHF Incl. tax... plus shipping
3 products
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