Liguria is not only fashionable beach life in Sanremo or Portofino, Liguria is also the picturesque-wild coastal strip of the Cinque Terre. Or the vibrant port city of Genoa. And Liguria offers wine and food at its best. The crescent-shaped stretch of land around the Gulf of Genoa is so diverse that it's hard to know where to start. And it is so wildly beautiful and romantic that the descriptions overflow with enthusiasm. The gulf is also called "fairy tale bay", "bay of the poets" or "bay of the sirens". No wonder, given the dramatic coastline with its steep cliffs and gentle sandy beaches. Liguria is best known as the Italian Riviera. To the left of Genoa, towards France, stretches the Riviera di Ponente, the Western Riviera. To the right, the wildly romantic Riviera Levante with its sleepy 5 fishing villages, the "Cinque Terre" stretches all the way to Tuscany. In the middle of the large, beautiful gulf lies Genoa, the delightfully bustling Mediterranean port city and the largest city in Liguria. Genoa alone is worth a trip, the old town enchants with wonderful palazzi from the Renaissance period, when Genoa was the dominant naval power in its heyday. Not without reason is Genoa a World Heritage Site. And of course, the port of Genoa is absolutely stunning, with large and small cruise ships anchored here and giant container ships roaring in the bustle of activity. Genoa breathes a beguiling scent of big, wide world, adventurousness and history. Those who like it glamorous and a little bit à la glittering world, drive from Genoa to the left, in the direction of France. On the Riviera di Ponente, pretty villages alternate with lush nature, with palm trees, olive groves and pine forests. This is why it is the home of the world famous green Pesto Genovese, pine nuts form an important ingredient of the green basil paste. Finale Ligure is an enchanting little town with beautiful beaches and a long beach promenade, behind which lie winding alleyways inviting you to stroll further. The mild and lovely Riviera of Flowers, named after the large flower market in Sanremo, is the Mecca of Italian music. The annual showcase of the cantautori and the Italian music scene at the Sanremo Festival is almost part of the national pride of the Italians. For gamblers, there is a beautiful Art Nouveau casino, and the proximity to the French part of the Riviera with its jet-set resorts quietly sends its regards. For those who like it romantic and wildly rugged, with dramatic coasts, turn east from Genoa towards Tuscany. Recco is the gastronomic heart of the region, so to speak, from here the fine focaccia started its triumphal procession around the world. Portofino is also a popular tourist destination with a rendezvous of the international jet set. But your heart really goes out to Levanto with its magnificent beaches. Because here you land in the most photographed fishing villages of Italy, the Cinque Terre. The 5 colourful villages seem to be glued to the rocks and still radiate an era of good old times, despite the huge tourist boom. For centuries the villages were completely isolated, no new buildings and no car traffic marred the picture. It was not until the 1980s that the region crept into the hearts of tourists. Now it is world famous and the whole Cinque Terre area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking along ancient paths high above the sea is wonderful, through vineyards, with bombastic views over the glittering sea. The famous Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail connects the villages and has become so popular that you even have to pay an entrance fee to hike certain sections. But in return you are rewarded with breathtaking views. The cuisine deals with the spoils of the glittering sea, the trattorias offer the best Frutti di Mare in all variations and are lined up along the coast like culinary pearls on a string. And then there is wine everywhere, grown on the imposing terraces and far into the hinterland, providing the best drops. Like, for example, that of our producer Cantina Lunae. From the Cinque Terre towards La Spezia, you end up in the borderland between Liguria and Tuscany. This is where Paolo Bosoni's wines grow, from the Magra river plain to the Apuan Alps, and they provide wonderful wines. What also caught the attention of the Gambero Rosso, the Vermentino Colli di Luni Etichetta Nera DOC has already received the prestigious 3 glasses of the Gambero Rosso for the seventh time in a row. You see, if you want to describe Liguria, you hardly know how to stop.

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