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Orazio Nonino laid the foundation stone for the company in 1897 in Ronchi di Pavia. His grandson Antonio married Silvia in 1929, who was the first woman in Italy to start producing grappa. In 1973 the first pure grappa was distilled under the name "Monovitigno". For this special occasion the grape variety Picolit was chosen and dedicated to Luigi Veronelli. In 1984, inspired by a journey through Switzerland, the Black Forest and Alsace, Benito Nonino, the first in Italy, began to distil the whole berries with skin and pulp. The soft and rich fruit distillates of these regions served as a model for him. The ÙE Grappa was launched. Further product innovations followed, bottled in mouth-blown Murano glass. The Nonino family received many national and international awards during their long, extraordinary and very successful creative period.

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