Sardus Padre

The winery is located on the island of Sant'Antioco, southwest of Sardinia. Founded in 1949 as a cooperative, it now has 500 members who together own and cultivate a vineyard of about 600 hectares. Carignano da Sulcis is cultivated for the most part. The vines, which are at least 80 years old, are planted on sandy soil and produce a low yield with high quality. Since the 1994 harvest, the winery also produces the appreciated and well-known white wine Vermentino, whose grapes come from the locality of Carabia in Sardinia. Each bottle of wine from the winery Sardus Pater is the result of a careful selection of vines and the traditional rules of vinification. Of course, the most modern technology is also used, which always guarantee the consumer a high quality product.

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