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Gran Promozione Veneto

Deguset, 75cl
Special offer 54.90 CHF Normal price 70.80 CHF Incl. VAT. plus shipping


The set

The set consists of three Venetians. The province of Veneto with its capital Venice is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Italy. Prosecco, Soave, Ripasso and Amarone - all famous wines which all come from this region between Lake Garda and the Adriatic coast. In this set, we focus on red wines from the area around Verona. All three represent the typical wine production of the region.


Due 2017 Veneto igt
The name "Due" stands for the two grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Merlot. But also for the two years of aging in wooden barrels and the two fermentation processes. In other words, 1/3 of the grapes are dried and combined with the remaining must in a second fermentation. A fruity wine with aromas of cherries and wild berries. On the palate it is characterized by soft tannins. A great wine for every day.
Unit price: 15.00 CHF

Ripasso La Casetta 2017 Valpolicella classico sup. DOC
Ripasso - the little brother of the Amarone. But why do they call it that? First, they produce the Valpolicella Rosso and store it in steel tanks. As soon as the pressing of the Amarone is finished, the Valpolicella Rosso is added to the marc of the Amarone. The Valpolicella reacts with the residual sugar and the yeast in the marc of the Amarone and a second fermentation begins (ripassare = to give something again). The result is a dry red wine with lots of fruit. A small Amarone. Domini Veneti even use the marc of the sweet wine Recioto for the 2nd fermentation. This makes their Ripasso even more intense and fruity, with notes of cherries, dried fruits and spices. Full-bodied and velvety on the palate.
Unit price: 20.80 CHF

Anima 2015 Amarone della Valopicella class. DOCG
The great Amarone. The grapes of the Amarone L'Anima di Vergani are dried for 90 days before pressing. In addition, the wine rests in large oak barrels for 36 months before bottling. In the nose intense and persistently sweet bouquet with notes of dried flowers and sweet spices. At the palate structure-rich, softly, with balanced opulence and velvety Tannin. A complex wine with almost endless length and depth.
Unit price: 35.00 CHF


Vergani Gran Promozione Set for 54.90 CHF incl. shipping

Included in the set:

- 1 bottle Due Veneto igt
- 1 bottle
Ripasso La Casetta 2017 Valpolicella classico sup. DOC
- 1 bottle Anima 2015 Amarone della Valpolicella class. DOCG
- Variety sheets for tasting
- free shipping

Gran Promozione Veneto

Deguset, 75cl
Special offer 54.90 CHF Normal price 70.80 CHF Incl. VAT. plus shipping


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